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Jan 2, 2012, 6:47 PM

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Re: [the_climber] RIP stymingersfink aka:daryn smith
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the_climber wrote:
sungam wrote:
Darkforrest wrote:
I still think of Sty all the time
Yeah, me too. Good to see you again, Darkforst. I hope all is going well.

Crazy how people still cross your mind. I was on a road trip for a bit and I have to say Daryn crossed my mind more than a few times on the trip. It may have been the dehydration, or the Scotch in the summit... but I got the warm fuzzys when I raised the Summit Flask in salute at the top of a couple climbs.

Now that I think about it... the suck rope... 3 times in a row while trying to rap off of one of the Spires in the needles... in the middle of a thunderstorm...

.... I'm sure that it was either a practical joke, or he was laughing his ass off watching. Or both.

Raise a glass of Scotch! To Sty!

I remember my last conversation with him on here commonly, he was in Idaho working crappy hours and sleeping in his van, forgot something or other (sleeping bag I think) plus enough food and hoped his mate would remember to bring him some in the morning. He wasn't getting enough climbing in at that time, and as I knew he'd had the odd epileptic fits being found by his room mate as he told me once followed by the odd check up in hospital as a result, it did concern me his being alone at those times. He also said he couldn't come over the border to Canada as he'd had some issue before that meant he couldn't for a period of time, hence how I came to the decision to climb with him at some point in Utah, plus I really wanted to go there and check it out.

He will always be missed, and was a special person for sure especially so with regard to the level climbing he did (Ice), the amount of people he interacted with on here, and how well liked he was,bow he stopped/intercepted any nastiness from others on another in his own humorous way, how he could raise your spirit when feeling down and make you feel better about everything again (as he did a year or so earlier after I had a horrible nasty bully experience at work) that I got investigated, and then decided to resign from that job or I'd have decked the culprit that set me up. I remember wanting to just walk early on from it all early on as I had enough, and he gave me the courage to sit there and say my piece at the meeting I was to go to with my Union, which paid off. He was unique for sure.

How, not bow (damn keyboard)

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