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Re: [TebingKuning] Multi-pitch climbing
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TebingKuning wrote:
Ya, Im pretty sure that most climbing books and videos are intended to give you most of the instruction you need, but to save themselves from law suits they tell you to get proper "training". But i still think the majority of multipitch climbers just learned the trade from other experienced multipitch climbers.... Or sometimes not so experienced...
It should be noted that there is a difference between knowledge and experience. Reading climbing books and websites will give you knowledge, but they will not directly give you experience. Its not a good idea to try use a brand new technique you just learned in a book ten pitches off the ground. If you want to learn how to do something from a book, its best you practice the techniques you learned on the ground, where its safe. Then when you have the experience of utilizing those techniques, you can take them up higher.

However there is still something to be said about obtaining professional instruction. Even if you purchase a book on climbing from a reputable source, thats filled with accurate information, its still possible that you may be doing something wrong or unsafe. Thats where a guide can help. Having someone experienced teach you will ensure that if you make a mistake while practicing techniques you learned, he or she will correct you and keep you alive. Also, books are not all inclusive. There are times where something you read in a book simply will not work, or it is not the best option. Again, having someone experienced teach you can provide that extra level of experiential knowledge that is not included in books.

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