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Re: [8styx8] [ClimbX] Cracked hanger
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UPDATE June 16

The hangers arrived, they appear to be be bent outward along the break as if pried off the rock or a nut being tightened while it was placed on an uneven surface or with something under one side of the hanger. Not in a downard pull as would be expected. They are being forwarded to a lab for further inspection. Our current stock shows no defect. Thousands were inspected and hundreds were destructively tested. To early to report it as tampering but it appears to be not normal usage. We have also sent team member to inspect hangers placed over the last few years and have found no problems or issues. will update again when more information arrives.

Most industry members and climbing shop staff refer to hangers as Steel meaning (zinc plated steel) or as (Stainless Steel) Meaning one of the many types of Stainless Steel used in Hanger production. My reply was meant for the Author of the post using simple terms, not the many engineers who frequent the site. I appologize.

I will state again that the high grade materials were from Tawian, a country known for quality materials. The Stainless was not from China as suggested many times now, then repeated. The supplier is the same quality material supplier used by several other climbing companies.

The Facts so Far: May

This is the first report of a possible hanger problem.

Climb X produces both plated steel and stainless steel Hangers.

We have requsted the hangers in question be returned for evaluation and testing.

Testing is also in progress on other productions of hangers, our brand and others. No problems can be found with the current stock other than the indoor hangers will corrode more rapidly in a wet or salt/coastal environment (not intended for outtdor use)

Both styles of hangers have been on the market for several years. Steel for indoors and stainless for outdoors.

The report our office recieved stated one hanger but showed several photos of the hanger.

The Hangers are produced in Tawian where many other hangers are produced. Some of the other hangers are mentioned in this thread. Taiwan materials were used.

The question was what can cause this? Lots of possibilities. Steel hangers could have been unknowingly used instead of stainless. Often bolts/hangers in Asia are hammered to keep people from being able to remove/steal them, a material flaw, excessive load, they could have been tampered with, production issue, mis-use, reaction between the bolt and the hanger, these are some of the reasons. We will post again when we have useful information.

We have posted a warning on our web site for people purchasing Hangers to only use the stainless for outdoors. The Heat treated steel are for indoor/gym use.

Thanks for your patience to those of you with serious interest.

Climb X Gear

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