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Re: [sydney173] Frustrated Female Newbie
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So you are climbing around 5 or so hours a month (just an estimate) and you're wondering why you're not progressing very quickly?

I'll put it simply. If you want to get good at something you have to do it a lot!

Climbing, like any other sport does require some physical adaptation to improve. While it does sound like you have some mental and technical barriers that are holding you back as well, why don't you try immersing yourself in the activity a bit more? During the time from one gym session to the next any physical adaptation you've made is mostly gone. Any technical skills you've acquired are probably forgotten, and your mental anxiety about performance, heights, and anything else pretty much stays at the same level.

A weightlifting workout is going to be of minimal help for your climbing. Especially compared to doing a higher volume of climbing.

To give you a comparison I have two youth classes I teach. In one class I have a girl who comes in three or four times a week, climbing for about 2 or 3 hours. In the other class I have a girl who comes in just for the hour long class and never climbs beyond that (in other words a volume similar to yours). Now there is a difference in physical size, athletic ability, etc. But the first girl (who is pretty short still) started off climbing 5.7 and was regularly climbing 5.10's in about a month. The second girl (who is quite tall) started off struggling with 5.6's and after about three months of climbing still has trouble on 5.7's. One of them is really psyched on climbing, the other is just doing it as a form of fun exercise.

I'll reiterate this again. If you want to get good at something you have to do it a lot.

Spend a month climbing three times a week. I'll be very surprised if you don't improve more quickly than you have been.

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