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May 8, 2013, 11:12 AM

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Re: [billcoe_] [ClimbX] Cracked hanger
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billcoe_ wrote:

I think you are being overly touchy US Navy. Steel or mild steel - so what?
What would you think if the owners manual for your vehicle referenced the steering wheel as the "circular thingamabob" or the acceleration peddle as "the flat and black plastic thing?" It's unprofessional and it brings into question the qualifications of the company. If anyone other than Climb X made that post I wouldn't say anything. But when the manufacturer of the hanger doesn't even know the correct terminology for its own products, it sure as hell is not qualified to engineer a safety-critical device. But that is already clear from other evidence. Also, I am well aware of how Joe stole classified information from Mad Rock and how he copied their entire product line under the Climb X brand, I dont need a lesson, the media covered the topic well.

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