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Fit 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: michaelsanford, 2008-06-07

For those of us who have 'biners onto which the knife won't fit: get inventive! I'll give you a hintĖyou have to slide it over the open gate (as with my BD non-locking oval).

But I am displeased with the fact that it doesn't lock very sturdily, open or closed, and that it can't be opened with one hand. Climbing, I think both of those things are pretty important.

It's far from being a total piece of junk though. I don't have any buyer's remorse yet, maybe I'll change my mind in a year, or if I need it to save my life and it fails.

Also anomalous: it's Petzl, yet "Made in USA" (and not "Fait en France", like everything else Petzl I own). But hey, I'm not complaining!

spatha 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: Go-Devil, 2006-11-22

a good choice, is what i'd call the spatha, it isn't THE best tough mountaineer-rockclimber macho-knife out there, but it fits on ALL my biners, its super sharp, i have it for a year now and its still very sharp !!, its made of stainless steel, i even dive with it in salt water and i have 0.00% rust !! awesome knife, only downside, opening isn't with one hand like the petzl catalog says and sometimes when the knife is dirty, you cant open it at all, or very hard...

(i have the orange one with the serrated blade... i've tried to cut an old rope with it and its like cutting butter with a stanley-knife, one haul and your rope is a goner....)

So, Cheap, very durable but it cant be opened with one hand and sometimes dirt cloggs the opening mechanism....

Review 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: drfelatio, 2006-11-03

1.) You can't put it on most biners.
2.) You can't open it with one hand.
3.) The blade doesn't lock in place.

There are WAY better knives out in the market nowadays. Get a good, sharp one and tie some cord on it and you're good to go.

Review 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: kydd76, 2006-05-05

I canít say it is the worst knife I have ever used, but canít say that itís the best either. Hard to sharpen, open and only fits Petzl carabineers. On the up side the idea was great it lets you have knife on a biner for you harness. With a little string and twenty bucks can get better metal (shaper, will keep edge better, ease in sharpening, and serration for grabbing power) = a better knife.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: rmleon, 2005-11-18

Many people complained about the size of the hole.
So, I went to the store, opened one box, and I tested with most of the carabiners I could find.
The only biner that was too big for the Spatha was the "Jumbo" (of course, I do not think you want a 30kn-strong biner for carrying your nuts and Spatha).

So, for me it works perfect.

About those that complained that it cannot be opened with 1 hand, as long as there is any place where you can put some pressure, it can be opened, I even did it with my body, but of course do not do that while climbing...!!! (Kids, do not do this at home).

I thought that if I am climbing I will be close to the wall/rock where and then I can use it for opening the knife.

Also, I think that the not-so-easy-to-open feature is great, because I do not want my knife to open accidentaly while climbing. Also, it will be hard or impossible for a young child or pet to open it....

Maybe Petzl increased the size? Anyway, it works perfect now from my viewpoint.

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