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chalk is not chalk; but this isn't chalk either. 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: timesofgrace, 2010-05-18

I will agree that indoors this chalk's scent is overwhelming; it reminds me of when I went to a rave when I was 17 and wore a dust mask smeared with vic's vapor rub... actually it was worse than that.

But scent aside, this stuff just doesn't work. it might as well be powdered sugar or flour or any other fluffy white powder.
if you want to be the hippest and have the latest overpriced, 'green', craze product, this is for you; it'll fit right in with your organic crashpad, chalk pot, and gaiam water bottle (which isn't to imply organic or gaiam make bad products).
if you want chalk to keep your hands dry; go look somewhere else.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: j_ung, 2005-05-15


At first, the idea of herbal chalk seems like an idea developed by some leftover New Age Boulderites: aromatherapy chalk?? Chalk is chalk, right? Wrong. Jenny Q’s Herbals, maker of Joshua Tree Climbing Salve, has developed herbal chalk; a product meant to keep you calm and focused as it dries your hands. We’ve had the pleasure of testing out the different “flavors” of herbal chalk over the past couple of weeks and we were pretty pleased with the results.

Jenny Q’s Herbal Chalk is a finely powdered, scented chalk. Next to your shoes, this is likely one of the more personalized products you’d buy. Not everyone appreciates every scent. Fire has a scent of cinnamon; Ice has a menthol/pine scent, and Spirit smells of lavender. Its fine powder makes it seem to not last as long, but your hands do stay dry even after the whiteness of the chalk has faded. (The scent remains, however.) A hazard of overchalking with Herbal Chalk is that your hands will feel somewhat greasy. (One way to avoid that could be mixing it with a less finely powdered chalk.)

Jenny Q’s Herbal Chalk isn’t suggested for small, indoor climbing spaces- it can be pretty overwhelming. In larger spaces and in the great outdoors, though, this stuff is amazing. As your hands pass back in front you from the chalk bag, the scent of the chalk wafts through the air, relaxing you and helping to bring your focus back to the climb. Of course, that effect could simply be psychological, but then again, isn’t that the point?

Jenny Q’s Herbals is based in Joshua Tree, California and features cruelty-free, organic and hand crafted products. (Orders and questions should be directed to A 50-gram bag of Herbal Chalk sells for $2.40; you can also get a 100-gram bag for $4.40 or a chalk ball for $4.40. (Compare to another company’s herbal chalk, which sells for $6.00 for 4 oz.) While this may seem a bit on the steep side for chalk, when you add in the benefit of the scent effects, it amounts to money well spent.

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