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Cali roll 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: p0bray01, 2007-01-28

Great gear organizer! I totally agree with Sax, that it will hold almost every piece except for the BIG stuff...I think I have 2 number 4 Camalots in mine and thats pushin it...but everything else is in there nice and tight. Like he said if you have to take everything to the crag this is the way to go...but it gets heavy! I need to find a way to hang it up in my basement so I can just grab what I need to go craggin. Good investment!

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: saxfiend, 2005-08-14

The California Roll is a very well-made product. The materials are rugged and stitching is solid. It has lots of room for gear (except for really big cams); unless you take everything you own on every climbing trip, the CR should carry all youíll ever need. Pockets along the bottom edge are handy for small items. The whole thing folds neatly and rolls into a nice compact pack with carrying handles.

Before I got this, I just clipped all my trad gear on slings and stuffed it in my pack. This made keeping things organized a real pain in the ass. The CR puts everything in a neat, organized layout that I really like. The only real inconvenience is having to get down on the ground to remove or replace gear.

The only product Iím aware of to compare this to is the Trad Rollup, and Iíve never seen one of these close-up; the main difference appears to be that the CR is larger and has two rows of gear clips instead of just one on the Trad Rollup.

The main downside to the CR is price: I think $66 is high even for something this high quality. The Trad Rollup is less than half the price ($30) so if you can make do with a gear rollup that doesnít have as much capacity, it may be a nice alternative to the CR. Or you can do what I did, and buy a California Roll second-hand and save some money!

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