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Rocky Mountain Resole

Rocky Mountain Resole Average Rating = 2.00/5 by Rocky Mountain Resole

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Rude...butt awful 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: vickigylym, 2013-03-27

I had a favorite pair of boots that needed resoling in time to go hiking in Banff, Canada in a month. Their website said 2 week turnover time. I mailed them in priority 2day delivery, called to check on progress 8 days later and explained the need why and when I needed the boots within 4 weeks, especially since they advertised 2 week turnover time. The woman taking the calls (heard her voice on two separate calls) said "I can't kiss everyone's butt who calls. I can give you priority rush on the job for an extra $40." That was on top of the $97 plus $20 shipping I had already paid via Paypal. Wow, I was taken aback by how rude she was - who speaks to customers like that- "...kiss everyone's butt"??? Needless to say I got the boots back 6 weeks later than the advertised two week turnaround time. Rude, late, broken promises. DO NOT use them.