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Argo Average Rating = 4.50/5 Average Rating : 4.50/5

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Review by: brad84, 2006-02-06

Now that I have been climbing in these shoes for a few months I feel compelled to write a review. These have quickly become my favorite shoes for a number of reasons. Their rubber is definately stickier than 5.10- I noticed this immediately. The fit is phenomenal, and allows me to wear a very tight shoe for an extended period of time w/o the urge to tear them from my feet. I have not had a problem with the heel cup pulling off- they've stayed on perfect every time, even on heel intensive problems. The micromicro fuzz lining is an added bonus. The Agro is a very precise shoe; combined with the stickiest of rubber they have, I feel like I can edge (and pull) on the worst of footholds.

If you buy these shoes, you will get the added pleasure of dealing with some of the best customer service you can imagine.