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Sharma System Crash Pad Average Rating = 3.86/5 Average Rating : 3.86/5

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Review by: carlos_a, 2006-10-15

Personally I have loved everything about this pad, its helped me on big falls, I don't think its a hassle to carry around at all, and the straps that are "to long", really aren't that bad. Also I drive a Ford Escort, basicly a tiny car, and the pad fits in the trunk, or the back seat just fine. Ive hauled it around heuco, taken it to places with long approaches, and slept on it, and it has been great for all of them. I will say, this is my first pad and i'm used to bouldering over, well nothing, so maybe i'd feel the same way about any other pad. A pad is supposed to pad a fall, and prevent injury, and I feel this pad definitely gets that job done.