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Review by jersteck (1)

Zephyr 10.3mm x 60m Dry Rope (Manufacturer link) Average Rating = 2.60/5 Average Rating : 2.60/5

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Zephyr 10.3mm 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: jersteck, 2009-09-25

I've had this rope for about 3 months and I'm very disappointed with its durability. After about 5 weekend trips of sport climbing where I've taken a few short falls each weekend, I had to cut off the ends due to the core showing through. After a weeklong trip at Rumney, I had to cut off the ends again for the same reason. Now, after only 1 more weekend of climbing, it's ready for another chop. This rope is very soft and handles great, but it does not last. In fact, I'm returning it to Petzl to have them check it out. I've used Bluewater, PMI, Beal, and Sterling in the past. I recomend Sterling if you want it to hold up.