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** Index To Dr. Piton Stuff **
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BEST IF VIEWED IN INTERNET EXPLORER Netscape is causing some problems, which should be resolved shortly.


I plan to update this thing shortly. If you want the latest news, please click my profile! I just updated it on Sunday.

I'll get round to updating this thing, but I see that there are people asking questions on the forum which have already been answered.



Like P.S.,eh? If you can't reach me when I'm in Yosemite, best bet is to email me:

And if you dig up some old chestnut of a post, make a reply to it, thus bringing it to the top of the forum so others can see it.....

OK, like, this is the old stuff, eh?

Hi y'all!


Please click here for my Sunday October 5 update!

C'mon to Yosemite and join the party! Woo-hoo! What a night was last night! [But damn, if the night before wasn't even better.....]

Please click here to

=> view my profile updated August 31!

Hey, I just found this on Hans Florine's It gives a ranking of number of El Cap routes climbed. It's fun to "compare and declare!" Of course, speedclimb aficionados will already be familiar with my El Cap 'Speed Record'.

I was in Yosemite from May 15 til June 22, and had a superb time! I will be making a post shortly to thank the dozens of people who helped me out - schlepping pigs, buying beer and pizza, giving me rides - thanks so much!

Dr. Piton emerges from his portaledge fly after a storm on El Cap

I've written a brief note until such time as I can write in greater detail, but for now, please click here to read my thank you note to everyone who helped me this spring.

Spring 2003 in Yosemite was one of my most successful yet! During this time Chad [timpanogos] and I made a three-day ascent of The Prow on Washington Column. Chad did a great job on this - his first big wall! Having made the summit by legit means, he is hereby promoted from Big Wall Theorist to Big Wall Gumby.

After this [and a few beers] Tom [apollodorus] and I made a fourteen-day ascent of Bermuda Dunes on the Southwest Face of El Cap [VI, 5.9, A4+] which involved a substantial amount of rebolting of the existing belays, some of which were virtually useless. I was surprised by a few Pretty Darn Hard pitches towards the top!

Finally I completed an eight-day solo of Lost In America on the Southeast Face of El Cap [VI, 5.10R, A3+] where I was obliged [albeit briefly, and terrifyingly!] to come out of Free Climbing Retirement. [Ivo was right....]

Once Tom gets his cable internet access up and running, you can watch for another photo essay like our Scorched Earth Photo Essay.

And I'm busy writing a fun trip report about my solo ascent, so please stay tuned!


Currently there is an outstanding issue here at which I believe greatly affects us all. Please click here to read my Editorial of the Week, which was written by Stu Hammett.

Oh I say - Stu has been blocked from Isn't that swell?

You can click here to read my Editorial of the Week.

Thank you.

I feel like a frickin' GENIUS! I just discovered the Better Way to center photos and text captions in posts, a coding which had eluded me for some time, and which I fixed by putting little "boxes" of the same colour background as the post background to the left of the photos in order to "shim" them.

If you have a hankering to make stuff look good in your posts, but don't know the difference between a hyperlink and garter belt, why don't you Ask Dr. Piton? Not only can I be your Wall Doctor, but I'll give you your Dr. Piton HTML Tip of the Day! [Uh, even if it might be BB code - I have no clue what the difference is.....] It's as easy as "copy and paste" from your PM box.

Last month, I was off to the Great White North and paddled my canoe to the Arctic Ocean. [Well, OK, not quite to the Arctic Ocean....] I paddled the Wakwayowkastic River from near Cochrane in northern Ontario down to the tidewaters of Moosonee on James Bay, then put the canoe on the "Polar Bear Express" train to return to Cochrane.

You can click here for further information on the Wakwayowkastic River, and you can click here for a cool photo essay.

Geez! Everyone down in Yosemite was complaining about the bugs. Man, you have no idea what bugs are like until you've paddled northern Ontario! Usually on the water it's not too bad, though....

I had written, "So I'm dreaming of four-pound speckled trout charging out from the rapids to attack my spinner, and frying pans full of walleye for supper every night!"

Well, turns out the first 100 km of the river dry up during the summer [fortunately we were still early enough!] so we didn't get into the fish until midway through the trip. I was in a bit of a rush to make it to a caving trip at Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, so didn't get to fish as much as I might have liked. But I did have a few superb suppers of walleye and speckled trout. [Note: The walleyes were the tastier of the two]

In the meantime, we battled some of the raddest whitewater I've ever done. This trip was rated DFU, because if you blew it up there, rescue could take a week or more before anyone figured out you were late. Plus the river is so twisty, it would be impossible to land a float plane in most places.

Nevertheless, we ran some killer rapids! I think I learned more about whitewater paddling on that trip than all others combined, and I've done stuff like the Yellowknife River in the Northwest Territories, or whatever the heck they renamed it...... [I voted for "Bob"]

"Uh-oh - more rapids ahead....."

Woo-hooooooo!!! Draw left! Draw right! Watch the rock! AAAAAAAHHH!!! Aim for the 'tongue'! DRAW! DRAW! Oh frig --- a waterfall.....


I am very pleased to report that Andria [cragchica] has been awarded a posthumous Bachelor of Arts Degree! Please click this link to read her mom's report. I hope you will please comment on Andria's degree in the post linked above, and which you will find in the General Forum.

Thanks very much!

Andria Ligas on Mt. Lemmon

Although I was unable to attend Andria's funeral, I was priveleged to write the homily which Hillary read in my stead. I recently published it on Please click here to read Andria's homily - Look To The Summit.

The first thing that's new is my profile page, so you might want to click here to see my updated profile.

Anyway, so what's new here in the INDEX TO DR. PITON STUFF is that I have expanded the ARTICLES SECTION to include a bunch of caving trip reports I've written, and have added links to magazine articles, slide shows, and funny stories.

And in case you might be getting bored, I have included some links to pictures of men with gourds on their penises.

[Note: It is likely that this is nothing more than a deceiptfull [sic] attempt at self-promotion, so if you do not wish to participate, under no circumstances should you click here to look at pictures of men with gourds on their penises.]

You can click here if you want to jump to the new stuff, eh?

G'day, eh?

This is me, eh? They don't call me "Pass the Pitons Pete" for nothin'! Like Victor Kiam, I liked the beer so much I bought the company. You can click the photo for more information on Piton Beer.]


How's it goin', eh?

The Aid Climbing Forum is growing. This can be a good thing, but this can be a bad thing, too. Good because this forum continues to be The Best Source of cutting-edge big wall and aid climbing information on the whole damn www [as written by Dr. Piton] - bad because you can't frickin' find the stuff!

At least until now.

Here in the Aid Climbing Forum, we do things differently. We work very hard to keep the choss, clusterf*ckage and wank factor to a minimum. If you hang around here much you will understand what I mean. Many of you have edited or removed some choss that you had written after I asked you to do so. You might be interested in knowing that at the time of writing, we have enjoyed 100% voluntary compliance, and for that, I - Dr. Piton - thank you. This forum is almost entirely choss-free thanks to the efforts of all, and our moderator Andrew is doing a good job of "gardening" when required.

If there is a more choss-free climbing forum anywhere else on the internet, I don't know where it is. Let's work together to keep this place vell-organicized, eh?

The * INDEX TO DR. PITON STUFF * is a post to which you will return again and again in order to find stuff, as finding stuff is a VGT. Dr. Piton's posts will help you graduate from BWT to BWG. One day you may even become a big wall climber.

It is the hope of Andrew and me [with Trevor's support] to eventually HTML-ize these posts into Articles, but given our current rate of progress [one article completed but not yet submitted over five months] this could take some time. When this begins to happen, the articles will enjoy their own little area, where you can quickly and easily find stuff. We are even preparing two versions of each article - the Shagadelic Version complete with fancy-shmancy pictures and stuff to look at, and the Plain Vanilla Version, which is more printer-friendly.

If you would like to read a very b----in', but not yet published, HTML-ized Dr. Piton post in the Championship Pig Wrestling Series, then I suggest you click here and bug this dude - perhaps my procrastinating Editor will "get" the [HINT]. [Poor bastard, he'll hate me for this, but grovelling and pleading has not worked. [DDEL] Besides, he's just sitting around and like drinking a beer, eh?]

Many thanks to Tom [apollodorus] who has proved his mettle to me not only on the jousting field of the big wall, but in him showing me how to "shim" my photos and center them, which was buggin' the heck outa me. Sheesh.

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