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** Index To Dr. Piton Stuff **
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The best way that you can maximize your learning experience when you read Dr. Piton posts is to CLICK THE LINKS. I don't put those things in there cuz I have nothin' better to do, right? I put them in there so you can learn stuff. The hyperlinks I insert in my posts are there to help guide you among the amazing source of information that is the internet. I have already done the work for you, so you don't have to. "Get it?!" Following Dr. Piton's hyperlinks is the Lazy Man's Road to Knowledge.

Note: Wisdom is the application of knowledge. If you wish to acquire wisdom in your Journey from YB to OB, then you will have to work that out on your own. This is just a textbook.

Reading this post also comes with an implied acceptance of THIS INSTRUCTION:

Please do NOT under any circumstance REPLY TO THIS POST!

I want to keep this post as nothing more than an INDEX. I do not want replies to clutter it - I want to keep it simple so you can FIND STUFF. I do not want to lock the post, as that would be unsightly [though]. Instead, I will merely ask that you do not reply. I can beg and grovel if required. Never for a minute would I consider asking the moderator to DELETE any replies for this would be censorship, so I will not in any way shape nor form imply, suggest or otherwise [HINT] that this is precisely what I would like him to do if anyone is so thick as to reply to this post when they have been asked not to!

I am sure that you "get it," because "getting it" is fundamental to the Dr. Piton Experience.

If you wish to reply to or question anything you read here, then please follow the link to the post to which you are referring, and please reply there! There is nothing Dr. Piton loves more than when you reply to his posts! [Well, almost nothing....]

Please feel free to PM me with questions that you feel do not merit their own post, or questions about HTML tricks and other cool stuff to make your posts look swell. PM'ing me might also be a good idea if you want to Ask Dr. Piton a specific question that has not yet been answered. This will serve two purposes. Firstly it will help the two of us craft a question and answer that is both amusing and informative which is a hallmark of Dr. Piton posts. Some of the best posts you read here have been done precisely like this. Let's try to have some fun with this, and make it look swell, eh? Secondly, it could save you some embarrass- ment. Thanks to those of you who [at] edited the titles of your posts for clarification so that the title of the post now matches the stuff I've written.

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