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May 8, 2013, 10:44 AM

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Re: [USnavy] [ClimbX] Cracked hanger
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USnavy wrote:
climbxgear wrote:

Climb X produces both steel and stainless steel Hangers.

USnavy wrote:
That's like saying Ford produces automobiles and cars. What you mean to say is you produce low-carbon zinc-plated steel hangers and grade 304 stainless steel hangers. Why should the OP send the hanger to you when you dont even know the correct terminology for your products? Anyway, there is noting to analyze. Climb X is a substandard company that rips its ideas off from Mad Rock. That's the source of the problem.

I think you are being overly touchy US Navy. Steel or mild steel - so what? Everyone knows that most stainless hangers are 304 unless noted otherwise. Joe Garland has been affiliated with both Mad Rock and ClimbX. There has not been previous issues with their hangers, they've been sturdy little workhorses at a reasonable price. For myself, although I like the massive Fixe stainless hangers, they weight a shit ton, and if I'm hiking into the backcountry to put up a few routes that only me or a buddy might enjoy, I would actually prefer Madrock/Climbx hangers as they are lighter, and you can rap off of them in an emergency as they have a slight bend and softening at the clip in point that no other hanger has.

They have a problem, folks need to determine the scope of the issue and we should help them work though it.

Edit, where is the location of the Quarry? 304 stainless will corrode in a salt water environment, ESPECIALLY if the stainless was not passivated. (Hint to ClimbX, as your supplier if they passivated the material after Mfg). Even 316 will fail, just not as fast. The first poster mentioned its wet there, but I see wet and 304 stainless doing well in the high country well away from the ocean.

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